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Life Events

There are many things that draw us into a church, some of them joyful and some of them sad. Whatever the reason you want to make a connection with All Saints, we would love to meet with you and see how we can help you mark those occasions.

You will find more information about Baptisms, Banns, Weddings and Funerals below but there are many different life events that you may wish to bring before God.  Please email to arrange a good time to chat about what might be possible.

For Baptisms, Weddings and Funerals please fill out the Life Events Enquiry Form towards the bottom of the page as it will provide us with useful information so that we can help you.

After the service, you may also wish to hire one of our rooms for refreshments.  You can find out more about our incredible facilities here. 

Baptisms / Christenings

Baptism is a response to God’s love – a desire and a commitment to respond to God’s call to follow the example of Jesus Christ. It is also a celebration, a time to come together with family and friends; remembering that you are loved by God, are part of a wider community and have a place with God’s people. During a baptism, you make promises to God, have a sign of a cross made on your forehead in oil and are baptised with water, to represent your new life with God, and being part of God’s family.

We welcome both adults and children for baptism.  (The baptism of children is sometimes called ‘Christening’). Some families prefer to have a thanksgiving ceremony for a new child instead of a baptism. Baptisms and thanksgivings are usually conducted during the “All In” and to talk about arranging a baptism or thanksgiving, please email 


Just got engaged? Congratulations! We’d love you to get married in one of the church’s in the East Winchester Benefice.  A church wedding will add a spiritual dimension to your marriage. The ceremony includes God and looks to him for help and guidance. You can make amazing vows, or promises, in a church and these vows will help you to stay together and grow together. God and your church are there for you to help you keep your vows.

A church wedding will blend ancient tradition and modern experience to reflect your story and your wedding can be made personal, memorable, meaningful and beautiful.

Please email to find out about having a wedding here. There are some legal requirements we have to follow, but most couples who live in the benefice will be able to get married in our church. 


We’re here to help you through one of life’s most difficult times. Although there is sadness because someone you know and love has died, in every church funeral there will also be a message of hope in life after death. A church funeral is available to everyone who lives in our benefice, and we’re here to give support before, during and after the service, for as long as it’s needed.

We can take funeral services in one of our churches or a local crematorium or cemetery. You will need to tell the funeral director that you want a Church of England funeral as they may otherwise ask another minister.  A church funeral allows you to give thanks for the unique person you knew and loved in a way that gives comfort and hope. We also like to pray for the friends and family in our Sunday and daily services.  To talk about arranging a funeral with us, please email

Church and grave yard

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